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How to Configure Raid 10 on Dell Poweredge

How to Configure Raid 10 on Dell Poweredge Raid stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. The purpose of raid is to store information's (data) in multiple Hard disk (SAS, SCSI, SSD and etc) to increase the protection level and performance of the data. Here we are configuring Virtual Disk with Raid 10 on Dell Poweredge R720 Server, this configuration can also be helpful on any Dell Poweredge server's. Raid 10 is a combination of mirroring and stripping. Raid 10 = Raid 1 + Raid 0 Due to Mirroring "Raid 1" if one hard disk is fail the data will be available on other hard disk, in that case replace the fail hard disk the data will re-sync again. Stripping (Raid 0) is not provide a redundancy, in Raid 10 stripping (Raid 0) is use to connect the two Raid 1 with each other. Raid 10 is secure due to higher level of data protection (Raid 1) and fast due to stripping of data (Raid 0) means data is available on multiple disk. Here we are creating Virtual Disk with &quo