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How to Configure ISCSI Drive from SAN on Linux

Configure iSCSI Drive from SAN on Linux iSCSI stands for internet small computer system interface. iSCSI is a transport layer protocol that uses initiators to send commands to target storage devices on remote sites. The storage targets can be on SAN, NAS, Tape devices and etc.  Here we are using software based iSCSI initiator that is less expansive then  Host base adapter that is a hardware device. With the help of iSCSI we can setup centralized storage. iSCSI is use standard Ethernet, it is not require expansive switches and cards that require to run on Fiber Channel Networks.  The Performance of iSCSI is depend upon the technologies for example 10 GbE, Mulitpathing I/O, Jumbo Frames and Data center bridging. Here we are configuring iSCSI Drive from SAN (Storage Area Network) on Linux (RedHat 7, CentOS 7, Oracle Linux 7 and etc). First configure the IP address on Linux machine (RedHat 7, CentOS 7, Oracle Linux 7 and etc) of same LAN (Local Area Network) as same network of SAN (Storage