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How to Troubleshoot Problems by using logs on Redhat

How Troubleshoot Problems by using logs/Log Files/Systemd-Journald (journalctl) on Redhat 7/Redhat 8/Redhat 9 Logs is a data that main purpose is to store the activity of user’s, application, operating system etc. The main purpose of logs in a machine identify the error for the resolution of issue. In an operating system log files has created of applications, machine activities, and emails for store the information that will help the administrators to identify then resolve the issues. Actually, logs improve the detection of the problem, minimize the response time for resolve issue, increase overall security of the system and identify the breaches. Here we discuss the logs files and logs types of Redhat base operating system that will helpful to identify the issues for resolve. Accurate time of machine is very import for logs; set current time, time zone and NTP synchronization settings of the system if system is using NTP (Network Time Protocol) or chrony. The standard logging system