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How to Install and Configure Cups Print Server on Centos 7

Installation and Configuration of CUPS Print Server on CentOS 7/Red Hat 7 CUPS stands for common unix printing system.CUPS allow a operating system (LINUX OS) to act as a print server due to its modular printing system. CUPS is a open source printing system that is develop by Apply Inc for macOS, Linux OS and UNIX OS. CUPS support local and network printers due to use of Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). In Linux operating system CUPS is also use as a centralized printing system means other computer on a network use CUPS host as a Print Server, in other words you can say that the computers on a local network that connect to the CUPS host for printing can send a print jobs to the printer on a network by the use of CUPS host. In Linux CUPS Print Server can send a print job to shared printer, network printer and local printer (Printer is directly connect to the CUPS Print Server). LINUX CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) Print Server is providing below mentions options for printing as a s

How to Install and Configure NFS Server on CentOS 7

Installation and Configuration of NFS Server on CentOS Linux 7/Red Hat Linux 7/Oracle Linux 7 NFS stands for Network File System. In Linux the purpose of NFS server is to access files and directories from Linux server to Linux client machine, actually NFS is a distributed file system protocol that use for to share files and directories with in a network. NFS protocol is initially develop by Sun Microsystems in 1984. Currently the major versions of NFS Server are using NFSv3, NFSv4 and NFSv4.1. NFS protocol provide a better file sharing, better security and better performance (caching). By the use of NFS server you can share files and directories to multiple client machines that reduces the storage cost of local disk. In NFS server you can set the permissions on share folder for read and write (rw), read only (ro) and etc. In CentOS Linux 7/Red Hat Linux 7/ Oracle Linux 7 NFSv4 protocol is use that is a stateful distributed file system protocol. Server Configuration: To install NFS pack