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How to Install and Configure Podman on Redhat 8

Installation and Configuration of Podman/Docker on Redhat 8/CentOS 8 Container normally work on single process, when container run the process start and container stop working the process of container will stop, but process have multiple process inside it. Redhat have prebuilt runtime Universal Base Image (UBI) that is use for containers for save storage and network utilization when multiple application use same base image. Universal Base Image (UBI) RPM similar to red hat rpm but have limited number of rpms and their updates because UBI is a subset of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. When Universal Base Image (UBI) run on red hat enterprise Linux (RHEL) the repository of RHEL is automatically enable for UBI. Traditionally System Administrators manage disk image, virtual machines to reduce  operational overhead, increase automation, improve reliability and increase security on an organization While Containers have improved the deployment, development, and maintenance of applications. Contai