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How to Configure ACL on RHEL 8

Configuration of Access Control List (ACL) on Redhat 7/CentOS 7/Redhat 8/CentOS 8/Redhat 9 ACL stands for Access Control List that is use for to give additional permission on files and directories to specific users and groups. Access Control List (ACL) is very useful to control Linux file system permissions. By use of Access Control List (ACL), system administrator can easily give permissions to normal users on specific directories and files these users have no rights to view, modify and delete files and directories except that they have permission on it. In Linux base operating system administrator gives the permissions of read, write and execute to user and group through Access Control List (ACL). By default Access Control List (ACL) is not enable when user create new files and directories, only those user have rights on it that create these files and directories. System administrator that is root or have sudo rights to give additional permissions on these files and directories tha