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How Create and Delete GPT Partition with LVM on CentOS Linux 8

Create and Delete GPT Partition with GDisk on Centos Linux 8 In this article we will create and delete GPT Partition (File System) on Vmware work station environment on CentOS 8 Linux operating system. GPT stands for GUID partition table, GUID is a global unique identifier. The purpose of this lab is that we cannot create partition size more then 2TB using fdisk, therefore to resolve this issue we need GNU parted command with GPT. GNU is a free software tool and it belong to the family of Linux operating system. You must know that EFI uses GPT where BIOS uses a Master Boot Record. GPT that is GUID partition table is gradually replacing MBR (Master Boot Record). By default Redhat Enterprise Linux / CentOS comes with GPT kernel support. To check the current file systems (partitions) on CentOS linux 8 operating system, type the below mention command. df -hT To check the version of CentOS 8 Linux operating system, use command  "cat" to view the complete text of file. cat /etc/red