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Installation of Oracle EBS Server R12 on Oracle Linux 6.5

Installation of Oracle EBS Server R12 on Oracle Linux 6.5 EBS means E-Business suit. Oracle EBS Server is use for Development and Product Management, Actually it is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). To install Oracle EBS Server R12 on Oracle Linux 6.5, First download the repository file that help to locate the installation files of Oracle EBS Server R12. Type the below command to download the repository file. wget To check the repository file has successfully download use cd command to enter in the directory /etc/yum.repos.d/ then use ls command to list the files and folders inside the directory. cd /etc/yum.repos.d/ ls public-yum-ol6.repo has successfully download.  To install the Oracle EBS Server R12 on Oracle Linux 6.5 type the below command. yum install oracle-ebs-server-R12-preinstall The Oracle EBS Server R12 has successfully installed. After the successfully installation of Oracle EBS Server R12 remove the "gvfs-fuse-1.4

Configure Proxy Settings on Oracle Linux 6

Configure Internet Proxy Settings on Oracle Linux 6.5/Red Hat/CentOS Oracle Linux use a same command as Red Hat because it is use a source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS Linux is a community version of Red Hat, therefore proxy settings of Oracle Linux is same as  Red Hat and CentOS Linux. Most of the organizations and enterprise sectors use a proxy server for internet. To configure a proxy settings for yum commands edit the yum.conf file   by use of vi editor. vi /etc/yum.conf   Edit the below line in yum.conf file, you will edit your proxy server IP. proxy= Enter the below export commands to allow wget download files from internet repository. wget supports download file from HTTP, HTTPS and FTP. export http_proxy= export https_proxy= Check yum command install Oracle EBS Server from Internet by use of proxy server. yum install oracle-ebs-server-R12-preinstall Check wget command download repository f

Installation of Oracle Linux 6 with LVM

Installation of Oracle Linux 6.5 with LVM Oracle Linux is use a same command as Red Hat Enterprise Linux.Oracle Linux is use for E-Business Suit that is Enterprise Resource Planning. Here we describe how to install Oracle Linux 6.5 with LVM that can be use for E-Business suit Application and Database machines. LVM stands for Logical Volume Manager. By use of LVM the logical partition can easily resize as per the requirement. In Logical Volume Manager (LVM) a Volume Group is create and multiple logical partitions can be create inside Volume Group. Logical Volume Manager (LVM) can be create by use of single or multiple hard drives. Here Oracle Linux 6.5 is installing on Virtual Machine of ESXI 6.7 Server by use of ISO image file. To install Oracle Linux 6.5 boot the machine with an ISO file and click on Install or upgrade an existing system to process the installation. To test the media means an ISO image click on OK , you can skip the media test process. Click on test button to test th