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How to Install and Configure LAMP on CentOS 7

 Installation and Configuration of LAMP on CentOS 7 Lamp is an abbreviation of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Linux is an operating system, here we are using operating system for this lab scenario is CentOS Linux 7 (Redhat Linux 7). Apache is a web server also called HTTP server that is a open source, Apache is developed by open community of developers. Here we are installing mariadb server for database that is fork of  MySQL relational database, mariadb is a open source software that have a General Public License. PHP is Hypertext preprocessor, php is a opensource scripting language that is use for web development. PHP files contains CSS, HTML, java script and php code.  This lab is perform on domain authenticated CentOS Linux 7 machine. Domain user "administrator" is use for the complete installation and configuration of LAMP server. Login with the domain administrator, to verify this is domain administrator type the below mention command. id administrator To clean all the r