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What is SELinux in Red Hat

What is SELinux in Red Hat SELinux stands for Security enhance linux, selinux is an additional layer of security in Linux operating system. SELinux is use to protect the data of system services, therefore never disable or configure SELinux into permissive mode. SELinux is a set of rule that it is use to secure the Linux operating system processes, directories, files and ports. SELinux have a security lable on process, files and ports that is called SELinux context. The context are user, role, type and sensitivity. Lets take an example of context, for example the web server "apache". The context end with _t, in linux web server (apache) SELinux context is httpd_t and linux web server apache files and directories available in /var/www/html that context is httpd_sys_content_t. The linux web server (apache) port SElinux type context is httpd_port_t. For Linux web server (apache), selinux have a policy rule to allow file and directories with context in /var/www/html. if file and d

Top Command in Linux

What is Top Command in Linux Definition: Top command is use for to monitor the processes in Linux operating system, actually top is a task manager similar to windows operating system. Top is most useful system administrative command to monitor the process. The top command is use to view the real time process of the system. Their are different version of top in different operating system.Top in Unix version was written by William LeFebvre since 1984, in Linux top is procps-ng group of tools that was written by Roger Binns, in solaris top is prstat program and in windows top is a task manager. By the use of top command in Linux Operating System user's can view the real time process PID, USER, PR, NI, VIRT, RES, SHR, %CPU, %MEM, TIME and Command , detail information of each are mention below. PID: PID is a process id of each running task. The task may be audit, snmp and etc. USER: User is shows the all users that is owner or custodian of the running process. PR: PR is the priority